Apart from its rich cultural heritage, Cervera offers an immense and varied natural heritage which is over more than 94 km2. It is listed as the third largest municipal area in the province of Castellón, mainly as a result of its castle and different historical events, and by walking through it you can find different places of incomparable beauty: natural landscapes with native species, fountains and springs with crystal clear water, dry stone constructions, such as huts, shelters and terraces, and monumental trees, such as the huge thousand-year-old olive trees and unique holm oaks and carob trees.

This is the ideal place for sports and nature lovers, by strolling among the local flora, smelling the aroma of rosemary and thyme whilst surrounded by local fauna (birds, rabbits, foxes, reptiles, wild boar)... you can enjoy this vast and beautiful natural area.

* Ask for each of the locations at the Cervera del Maestre Tourist Info.