The sculptor Agustí Ballester was an important and renowned artist born in Cervera who produced various pieces of art throughout his life, the vast majority were sculptural, such as figures, statues, carvings, images, busts, reliefs and monuments, and these can be seen all over the country.

Some of his most important works can be found in many different places in Cervera. Throughout this route you are able to see these important pieces of art first-hand, as follows:

Parish church
Here there are many images and books of saints, the most important being the Virgen de la Costa, patron saint of the municipality, a replica of the original 14th century carving, and the figure of the Lying Christ, which is highly realistic in style with no lack of detail.

Cervera Town Hall
Plaster figure of the "Venus del Ebro chiquito"

Fàbriques Square
Two female figures in terracotta

Town cemetery
Bust of "la Nasia" and various tombstones

Start of Planet Street
Cross of the Fallen Monument