Parish church of the Assumption

It is located in the higher part of the town, at the foot of the old quarter, it was probably built on a previous Saracen religious temple.

With smooth and very plain facades, its main door stands out, Reconquest in style, with a semi-circular arch and well-worked voussoirs. The building's rectangular floorplan is in Baroque style, with several chapels and altars on the sides and a beautiful chapel adjoining the entrance door called Communion, which houses the altar with the image of the patron saint of Cervera, Verge de la Costa.

At the foot of the church, in the lower part of the choir, you can still see construction elements of the early church consisting of cross ribs with their keystone in the centre. The old church most likely served as a scaffolding for the construction of the baroque church, work which was carried out in the seventeenth century but never completed.

Inside in the Sant Antoni chapel there is a remarkable image of worship. It is a sculpture by Mr. Agustín Ballester Besalduch, from the town, which represents The Dead Christ in a highly realistic style. Also important is the silver processional cross, baroque in style and dating to the seventeenth century. There are various chalices and some reliquaries in the sacristy which are only used on special religious celebrations.