Molí de l’Oli Interpretation Centre

This is an old olive oil mill located near the Rambla de Cervera. It was built between the 14th and 15th centuries, and functioned as a manor system monopoly of olive oil until the 1920s. Declared of cultural interest, it has been converted into what is currently a visitor’s centre, and apart from a complete museum exhibition it houses the town’s information office.

A unique, exclusive piece has been preserved inside the building; it is an old wooden press, traditionally called a "beam and quintal", dated 1606, which is 12 metres long and 4000 kg in weight with large counterweight towers. It is possibly one of the largest and oldest presses in existence in the whole of Spain, and this invention from the ancient Romans, shows all the phases of the ancestral production of oil, from the drying of the olives on the terraces, to grinding in the Grinding Room, the extraction of oil in the Press Room and the purification of this golden liquid in the Jar Room.

In the shop you can buy a wide variety of EVOO from different producers (both cooperative and private), from native varieties such as Farga, Cuquello, Canetera or Morrut to foreign ones such as Arbequina, Serrana, Villalonga or Picual, as well as the exclusive thousand-year-old olive oils from the Maestrat region. There are also items carved in olive wood, books, olive oil-based cosmetics (soaps, creams and ointments) and other merchandise.