CASA DEL DRAC (the house of the dragon)


La Casa del Drac is located in Parras Street, 19. It is a meeting place for new sociocultural movements, whose aims investigating of new forms of art and sustainability solutions.
El Drac sociocultural project was created by the German artist Juan Petry, who settled in Cervera in 1986; although its headquarters are in the town, it has other contemporary art centres in Berlin, Barcelona and Valencia, where the value of the Maestrat region and its inhabitants are displayed.

El Drac European network of artists, with more than 300 artists from more than 30 nations who share similar ideas and activities, collaborates with museums and galleries in Europe and organizes educational workshops for professional artists. Art exhibitions are regularly held in the town itself, in places such as the Casa del Drac or in the medieval fish market, and cultural activities of different types are organized, such as music concerts, poetry sessions or live painting, where artists, art lovers and the public in general can participate.

El Drac has another place on the outskirts of the town, called "The Garden of Colours", which was created for informal education where people take part in artistic activities by creating, discovering and enjoying themselves with different techniques and styles from the art world. Workshops such as gardening for children, vegan cooking, making bread together, and other informal education is also offered. Within the world network, The Garden of Colours, with support from UNESCO, represents the first garden with these characteristics in the Valencian Community that stores and develops knowledge about the process of creating natural pigments.

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