Along the riverbed of the Rambla de Cervera, very close to the town, there are a total of 5 sectors which are perfectly suitable for practicing climbing and bouldering (a total of 120 bouldering steps and 10/15 routes for climbing with their corresponding anchors).

Sectors Blocks Routes Grade Rating
La Rambla 80/90 1 III/7c *****
San Miguel 40 0 III/7a ***
El Raco del Ivan 15 0 V/7b ****
Morral del Ángel 10 12 V/7c ***
Els Apartats 10 0 IV/6c+ **


Grade: III is the lowest.

Rating: with more asterisks, higher quality and more variety.

How to get here?

-La Rambla ravine and San Miguel sector. Arriving at the crossroads goimg to Sant Jordi and Calig, take the first exit, and after travelling a few meters (before reaching Faya bridge), take the dirt track on the left (near a small building with an antenna). From there go down to the ravine.

-El Racó de Iván Sector. From the bridge that crosses the ravine next to the Molí de l’Oli (olive oil mill), take the asphalt path that leads to the Povet de Sant Vicent. Cross the ravine twice. After the second time, continue for a kilometre, along an asphalt road that goes up a ravine. The sector is not visible until you are in it.

-Morral de l’Angel sector. Take the asphalt path that goes along the ravine from the Cova Fonda passing through the Basseta dels Horts. On reaching it, on the right hand side is the sector.

-Els Apartats Sector. Take the Cervera-Sant Mateu Road and immediately after the bridge that crosses the ravine take the asphalt path on the left. At the end of it, running parallel to the ravine, you will see the huge block of this sector.


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