The irregular terrain of Cervera, which is mostly mountainous with many different rocky outcrops, features various chasms and caves formed by different geological processes. Lovers of potholing and adventurers in general can explore these underground cavities which offer endless possibilities; caves such as l’Aliga, El Triangle, Les Bruixes… always with respective lights, emergency communication device and appropriate clothing. For experts and professionals there are different vertical chasms with different depths and difficulties, from 15 to more than 80 metres deep; L’Avenc de Tinent, L’Avenc d’Alifragos or L’Avenc de les Pedrenyeres are just some examples of the chasms suitable for practicing descent and subsequent exploration.

Link to catalogue of caves and chasms in Cervera del Maestre
* Some of the chasms are only for experts and professionals *
Ask for each of the locations at Cervera del Maestre Tourist Info Centre.