Hexagonal Bell Tower

As shown on one of its facades, it was built in 1760. It is a baroque building, with a hexagonal floorplan, and a prismatic elevation typical of Gothic tradition. Decorative elements are concentrated on the upper part where the belfry and crowning are located, and which dominates the whole town. The main façade houses the town's coat of arms and the remains of an old clock.

The interior is divided into three sections (counterweights, clock and bells), joined by a spiral stone staircase with 105 steps and illuminated by three simple but beautiful embrasures. The belfry is outstanding with its large semi-circular windows, flanked by Tuscan pilasters, in which the bells are located. The oldest, called "Puríssima", is dated 1906, weighs 903 kg. and has a diameter of 116 cm.