Town Hall of Cervera del Maestre

Mártires Street, Nº1
12578 Cervera del Maestre

Adolfo Sanmartín Besalduch

Mayor of Cervera del Maestre

On behalf of the government team and myself, as mayor of Cervera del Maestre, it gives me great satisfaction to welcome you to our Town Hall website, a place which opens up our town to the world, inviting everyone take a look and get to know us better.

By creating this page we hope to create a powerful, useful tool, giving everyone who visits the chance to discover the best of everything in our area: monuments, landscape, culture, history, festivals and tourist resources.

In addition to increasing citizen participation and information channels, we want this website, to become a place of interaction between the local administration and citizens. Our aim is none other than to take the first step in implementing an electronic administration for citizens, since we consider that being able to carry out procedures anywhere and at any time is a major step forward for our population.

It is up to everyone to fill this web with life and activity, as our greatest wish is that it brings us closer together whilst at the same time gives greater understanding of our area and the services offered by the Town Hall.

I hope you enjoy browsing.

Cervera del Maestre Town Hall

Telephone: 964 498 001

Opening hours to the public: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 14:00




Adolfo Sanmartín Besalduch (PSOE)


Antoni Sorlí Artiga (PSOE)
Department of Festivals, Tourism, Culture, Citizen Participation and Social Networks


María Teresa Vidal (PSOE)
Department of Social Services and Public Health


José Vicente Gascó Tomás (PSOE)
Department of Works, Services, Agriculture and Rural Roads


Iris Salvador Artiga (PSOE)
Department of Finance, Economy and Education


Andrés Redó Viñes (PP)


Custodio Vidal Lloret (PP)

To contact any member of the municipal corporation please contact the Town Hall:
964 498 001 /