FUENTE DE LA ROCA (Rock Fountain)

This can be reached along a paved road that leaves the town (from Camí la Sènia) leading to the fountain itself. It is hidden at the bottom of a valley surrounded by mountains, behind the town. From here you can enjoy fabulous panoramic views of the interior plain, smell the pure fresh air tinged with the fragrance of surrounding pines, poplars and bushes, savour a meal with family or friends in the picnic areas or simply try the water that descends naturally from the nearest summit.

FUENTE DE LA CERVEROLA (Cerverola Fountain)

This is located a few meters from Km. 18 on the CV-135 Benicarló-Sant Mateu road (towards Sant Mateu), after having already passed the town, and on the left, where the Cerverola road begins. The water comes from a few meters above the fountain, right where the well is located, and through an underground pipeline it reaches the bottom of the cave. It is a continuous dome, formed with slabs placed around the edge, with a semi-circular front arch built with thick stone blocks with the visible parts being worked on. The interior walls of said construction are plastered with a hard layer of mortar in which some engraved signs can be seen, mainly on the wall to the right, where several simple crosses can be observed but, more importantly, there is the outline of a curious anthropomorphic figure, which presents certain similarities with other archaic figures found in fountains of this type.


FUENTE DE SANT VICENT (Saint Vicent Fountain)

This is a natural spring which is located a few metres from the bed of the Rambla de Cervera, very close to the Molí de l’Oli (olive oil mill). It can be reached by vehicle from the CV-135 road that runs from Benicarló to SantMateu (Km. 14), just before the bridge that crosses the ravine. The building or room which houses the fountain is formed with a robust facade of large irregular stone blocks joined together with sand and lime mortar. Access is through a low semi-circular arch that marks the guidelines of the barrel vault supporting the upper surface.

FUENTE DE LA SÉNIA (La Senia Fountain)

This is located just two hundred metres from the town with a flat, paved entry from Doctor José Moltó street (Camí la Sènia). Surrounded by lush poplars, and offers the traveller the chance to rest for a few moments, but above all, enjoy the water that gently flows from a fountain higher up. A feature here is the original rectangular well (currently blind) located in front of the fountain, made with perfectly worked stone blocks and crowned on each side by two uprights for fixing the pulley.

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