Visit Millenial Olive Trees

Discover the most unique living monuments in Cervera, with the help of a guide who shares lots of interesting knowledge; thousand-year-old trees with twisted and knotted branches, whose trunks can exceed 8 metres in perimeter and 45m in crown perimeter.

Imagine how the Arabs planted these ancient olive trees of the Farga variety, which, despite bad weather, fires, droughts and frosts have managed to remain in tact to this day. Typical of the Cervera countryside is dry stone walling, where entire mountains are terraced to allow cultivation, thus forming a curious symbiosis with stone terraces and olive trees planted along the edges.

Details of visit:

Price: 1,5 euros / person

Length: depending on the tour, group and conditions. Consult.

Season: all year

It is essential to book in advance:
964 865 515

It is possible to do this route on foot, by bike or car.
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